Employment Survey states that 85% of registered employers are located in the Greater Accra Region.

Jobberman Ghana have released the, Employment Survey in Ghana eBook – which states that 85% of registered employers are located in the Greater Accra Region.

With Greater Accra being the capital of Ghana, it would be expected that it would attract a high number of employers due to its more developed infrastructure and growing business opportunities. However, what makes this statistic interesting is the extremely low registered employer figures in other parts of Ghana.

For example, Ashanti Region has just 6% of registered employers, whilst the three Northern Regions have a combination of less than 2% of registered employers. The Employment Survey eBook shares further job market insights by noting that the Educational sector towers high among the list of registered employers, accounting for 16.7% of employers.

This is closely followed by employers in Administrative, Sales/Marketing and Business Development. Employers offering engineering services account for 8.6% of total registered employers. Trade, Education, ICT/Telecommunications and Consulting are the dominant registered industries.

During the launch of the Employment Survey eBook, the CEO of Jobberman Ghana encouraged employers to be guided by current and accurate statistics and industry trends when recruiting. Speaking in an interview during the launch of the eBook, Mr Babajide Otoki, stated, “It is imperative for employers and HR personnel to be guided by this data and actively consider the current industry trends and standards during the recruitment process.

This data is an invaluable resource that will make known to every party involved in the employment process, the true state of affairs and clear the grey areas between expectations and reality. This means less time is spent prospecting about how to target the right candidates and pay them adequately for their services, which ultimately helps employers tap into higher quality job applicants with less time and resources.”

The Employers Survey eBook elaborates more on jobs by specialisation and industry, experience level and qualification requirement of Job seekers and salary expectations of online job seekers.


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