The Accra “Social, Intercultural & Diversity Excursion” (S.I.D.E.)

Do you want to be part of a social and intercultural change movement?

Join us on 1 July, 2017 (Republic Day) for our truly impactfully pulsating, unique and life changing touristic diversity management, teamwork, social and intercultural communication skills development, ever enduring, active and healthy lifestyle nature and adventure experience Social, Intercultural and Diversity Excursions (SIDE) to spectacular ecological, wildlife, biodiversity and marine sites or attractions within Ghana.

If we have piqued and secured your absolute interest and want to be part of this remarkable indigenous movement to develop diversity dynamics management, teamwork, social and intercultural communication skills, effectively demonstrate your passions, commitments and enthusiasm for active and healthy lifestyle, participate in purposeful and fulfilling engagements, meet, interact and discover new amazing people and places, establish diverse contacts, links and networks through tourism, whilst practically promoting Ghana’s domestic tourism for pro-poor, needy, vulnerable, deprived and marginalized sustainable development, then “SIDE” (Social, Intercultural and Diversity Excursions) must be your most definitive choice.


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