FDA Lauds Nestlé For Its Compliance to Safety Regulations

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has applauded Nestle Ghana Limited   for its compliance to safety regulations over the years.

Maria Lovelace Johnson, Chief Regulatory Officer of FDA, Speaking at a media workshop in Accra, commended Nestle Ghana for its adherence to international standards.

She said: “Nestle always conforms to FDA rules and regulations and always ensures that products are produced under very conducive and hygienic conditions.”

The workshop under the theme: “The Importance of a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle,” the event was to educate the general public through the media on good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and Nestle’s contribution to such.

Maria said the FDA is working hard in the food sector to ensure that quality food is manufactured and distributed to the consumer.

She added that the FDA is also working on disease prevention through traceability, a tactic taken to trace the route or history and the application of products and materials.

She added that there is going to be a harmonization of food regulation in the country to achieve maximum prevention of the outbreak of diseases through the National Food Policy commenced in 2015.

“FDA has also introduced the Public Health Act, 2012 (Act 851) to prosecute any person who violates the laws or requirements of the Food and Drugs Authority.

Ensuring quality nutrition is also backed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), World Health Organizations (WHO) and other social protection agencies,” she said.

Mrs. Freda Y. Duplan, Managing Director of Nestle Ghana, also affirmed that the company produces their products under very hygienic conditions giving an example that there is no personal contact with the product until it is finally packaged, saying our products are very safe for consumption.

For her part, Ama Amoah, the Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Nestle Ghana, also touched on some measures Nestle has taken to curb some challenges Ghana is facing in the agricultural sector.

Nestle took measures by introducing the Cocoa and Serial Plan which has laid down best agricultural practices and also aims at improving the lives of cocoa farmers. This would encourage the youth to invest more in agriculture.

Taking a look at the Regulatory and Scientific Affairs (RSA), it was found out that 85% of Nestle products are manufactured locally and that Nestle has various quality policies which includes food safety and full compliance, Reference and Consistency of products and Zero Defect of product consumption on health.

Nestle’s purpose is basically to enhance the quality of life for all consumers of their products. It was also to inform the general public of their laid down plans, for the future and also to celebrate 60 years of good quality nutrition in Ghana and 150 years globally of their operations.

By KingsleyA/managingghana.com


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