GIS students initialize “Boots for Charity” campaign

Two pupils of Ghana International School are championing a campaign that will provide football boots to talented barefooted players of a local team in La, Accra.

Dubbed “Boots for Charity” campaign, Kwabena Enti (Year 6) and Ekow Enti (Year 4), are collecting used but decent football materials including, shin pads and trainers for less privileged footballers in the community.

The campaign started a year ago when the two brothers joined a local football club in La, called Ascona FC for a short training session.

Touched by the plight of their team mates, the brothers decided to donate their boots to the club.

Their initial gesture encouraged them to do more. Through networking the two brothers managed to gather 50 boots. Their aim was to collect a minimum of 100 boots by the end of the academic year and with the support of students of Ghana International School the two have been able achieve their target.

On the 1st of June 2017, during the GIS Junior School Assembly, both Kwabena and Kweku Enti were excited to make their first ever donation of a 100 boots to the following local football clubs; La Ascona FC, Dynamic FC and Phoenix FC.

As a result of this humanitarian initiative, the dreams of young aspiring footballers may just be achieved.

The “Boots for Charity” campaign has been possible because of the response of parents, students, staff, and the entire GIS community.

The brothers plan to take this appeal to other schools in Ghana and around the world and hope to make it an annual event.

Support “Boots for Charity” by dropping off all used football boots (in good condition), shin pads and trainers at the gates of Ghana International School.



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