Netherlands government sends delegation to explore investment opportunities horticulture in Ghana.

The Netherlands horticulture sector sent an 11-member delegation to Ghana for a 2-day exploration of the investment and business opportunities in the country.

The delegation, led by the Dutch Top sector on horticulture, is also to establish a network with government, knowledge institutes and the private sector.

The visit will build ties with the government and learn about the private sector and other institutions that exist in the country.

Speaking at the third GhanaVeg Fruit and Vegetable Fair in Accra, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Robert Ahomka-Lindsey appreciating the efforts of the Netherlands government in promoting the production and consumption of vegetables in the country.

GhanaVeg is an initiative supported by the Netherlands Embassy to improve productivity in the vegetable sector, facilitate more efficient markets, and improve the business climate and further professionalise the value chain for vegetable production and consumption in Africa.

He said government would continue to revamp the EXIM Bank to grow and develop businesses to improve on the economy.

The Minister also assured that the EXIM bank would be given the full support of government to further the course of development in the country.

He further lamented on the poor packaging of Ghanaian products and the challenge it poses to small and medium enterprises in the international market.

He pledged that government would support businesses to overcome this hurdle. Dr. Ahomka-Linsey was confident that exported vegetables would meeting EU requirements by September this year.

Mr Ron Strikker, the Netherlands Ambassador to Ghana was enthused with the growth of the horticulture and hoped for better relationships between both countries in the near future.

‘‘Trade delegation exemplifies the Netherlands government’s focus on promoting agriculture through private sector investments, gradually moving from aid to trade. The collaboration between both countries clearly resonated with the motto of Holland and Ghana growing together’’ he added.

The ambassador lauded the efforts of GhanaVeg team for putting the fair together to promote the local vegetable growers.

The mission from the Netherlands is made up of a varied group of field and technology experts from the horticultural sector in the country.

The Dutch horticulture sector is a global trend setter and the undisputed international market leader in flowers, plants, bulbs and propagation materials. It accounts for €12.5 billion in domestic production and € 17 billion in exports and provides jobs to more than 450,000 people.


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