Submit purported ‘rubber’ rice to FDA for investigation – Ramani Distribution Company.

Ramani Distribution Company says their competitors in the business should be blamed for the influx of some fake rice purported to be ‘plastic rice’ on the Ghanaian market.

“I’ts getting obvious that our competitors are messing up the market for us and creating all the confusion we see now. Our brand has been on the market for a minimum of 15 years now and I have joined the company for 10 years now.

But I ask myself that why are we investing heavily into our business and some unscrupulous persons would just sit somewhere and start producing fake and adulterated products of our brand?We are very few and for all this years we had never experienced this problems until now.” the Marketing Manager for Ramani Distribution Company,” Gbande Nicalps told host Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5 FM.

According to him, it came to the notice of the company last year of the circulation of certain videos via social media purporting to show that one of its towering brands-Cindy Rice is artificially manufactured grains of plastic or rubber.

“It’s sad to note that a chunk of this purported videos are targeting our brands. It’s difficult for us to understand where the motivation is coming from and who is behind it. No prudent owner of a brand which he spent his money to do will do such a thing.” he noted.

He said there is no artificially manufactured grains of plastic or rubber on the Ghanaian market asking the public to disregard any claims of same in Ghana.

“I’ll like to say that there is no rubber rice in Ghana. Whoever is making that claim can come out and disprove that Last year FDA announced that there is nothing like rubber rice in Ghanaian market and that whoever has some should let them know and up till now nobody has come forward to give evidence. People are throwing out a challenge here and they should be able to give samples of these fake rice to FDA for them to investigate it.”

He adds:”Lele is milled, processed, packaged and shipped with strict adherence to quality and protocol that ensures that every batch is inspected and approved. With a commitment to up to date technology and better standards of practice, the public should remain assured of the quality of Lele Rice and disregard any such media displaying otherwise.



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