The Cake Fair and Dessert Fest hits Accra again.

Organizers of Ghana’s first ever cake fair, Yellow October Events a full service event management and consulting company and VoiceAds a radio and television advertising house is set to host the 2nd Cake Fair and Dessert Fest here in Accra.

The event which is slated for the 29th of July is set to display varieties of cakes from about 40 vendors at the Red Carpet Events centre in East Legon.

The main objective of the event is to create a platform where the young people who are starting their business can promote their it and also give the general public the opportunity to decide on where or what cakes to buy.

Speaking to the Creative Directors of the event, Kekeli Hogba and Kati Sakyi, they stated that: “We use the cake fair platform to push and motivate starters. We noticed when we were gathering the vendors that most of them have gotten degrees from universities and they specialized in specific business but then at the side they result in the baking industry.”

This is to give them the opportunity to exhibit their talent and skills and also advertise their various brands.

Last year had up to 30 vendors, all with start up businesses that hasn’t been heard of but has been there for some years. The event saw about 2000 people trooping in for the tasting and buying of cakes whiles about 1500 people came in throughout the day for the dessert fest in November.

The event directors explained that due to their target which is the middle to high-class people, location and capital was a big challenge.

“In everything we do, we take them into consideration, so we had the event in an air-conditioned room instead of under the sun. So venue is a problem, where you can put in 30 or more vendors and also have enough space for the general public and getting such a place is expensive.

Last year getting sponsors was a challenge but this year due to the positive response of the public sponsorship was a bit simple. People use cakes now and every day. Cakes are no more ceremonial because recently people just walk into shops and get a piece of cake or a slice,” organizers added.

This year, the event is introducing a one day master class, on 28th were there will be a baking master class for the public to learn how to make cakes, not for the business aspect.

There will be another master class which is a business class dubbed “Raise Your Dough”. This is to teach potential cake bakers how to price their cakes to be able to sustain clients and also teach how to use social media because of the evolution of technology. How do you generate content that will be relevant to the audience?

“Each year we will be adding up to what we can do for the baking industry because when it comes to trade shows in Ghana there are so many varieties but there is nothing dedicated to bakery.”

There will also be varieties such as avocado cake, raspberry cake, vanilla cream, diabetic cakes, gluten free cakes, light or no icing, vegan cake, palm wine cakes etc.

The Cake Fair and Dessert Fest is here to stay as the duo said and it is going to be done annually. They further urged that there is still more room for sponsorship to those who would like to support the event.



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