TransGov App for Better Citizen Engagement

TransGov has been active in empowering citizens to be active in local government. The initial release of their web app included listing projects within the Accra Metropolis, and helping citizens to keep projects accountable. Within the past week, the team has released an Android app, one they expect to increase engagement with their product even more.

The TransGov Android app, we hope to increase citizens’ engagement with the government especially the local government. Even though citizens are supposed to be involved especially in projects that affects them, in practice it is not so. Developmental projects are even started in communities without them being asked whether that is what they need.

The app will therefore give the opportunity for citizens to contribute through the comments they make. From our research, it was found that most citizens do not know who to report issues in their communities to and those who knew felt it is a waste of time especially when issues reported are not fixed. The app therefore makes it easier for citizens to report such issues.



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