TroTro TV

TroTro TV is a digital advertising platform that utilises a network of hundreds of HD screens in TroTro’s and buses to deliver targeted advertising campaigns on behalf of your business.
Service provides your business a medium to communicate with millions of passengers during their daily commute.

TroTro TV provides an informative & engaging entertainment system across Africa’s most used mode of transport, the buses. This channel delivers end users a combination of factual information, entertainment and advertisements during their daily journeys.

TroTro TV uses the Ghanaian public transport network of TroTro’s, Buses and Taxis to provide our customers access to unique and innovative advertising space.  These vehicles spend their working days in the busiest parts of the city reaching a concentrated and varied captive audience.

Research shows that over 70% of Ghanaians use TroTro on their daily journey to school, work & shopping. Making us the perfect medium for you to communicate with them.


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