Empowering Africa’s Tech Future: ALX’s Ambitious Goal to Train 3 Million Africans in Technology by 2030

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Empowering Africa's Tech Future: ALX's Ambitious Goal to Train 3 Million Africans in Technology by 2030

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Empowering Africa’s Tech Future: ALX’s Ambitious Goal to Train 3 Million Africans in Technology by 2030

Empowering Africa’s Tech Future: ALX’s Ambitious Goal to Train 3 Million Africans in Technology by 2030

The world is moving forward, and tech is the driver in the seat. Are our youth being trained to be future-ready?

The inevitable shift: Job disruption in numbers

As technology continues its relentless advance, the spectre of job disruption looms large.

A 2020 report from McKinsey & Company suggests that up to 375 million workers worldwide may have to switch occupations by 2030 due to automation.

These statistics while staggering could be a challenge or an opportunity. It all depends on where you stand. The question then becomes not if jobs will be affected, but how individuals can proactively adapt to this impending change.

Let me tell you about a story that did the rounds, about a guy named Alex.

One Friday night, Alex and a bunch of friends decided it would be nice to have some Kelewele. So, they went to a popular spot in Labone. Long story short, they discovered that his CV was the wrapping paper for the spicy Kelewele they had thoroughly enjoyed.

They did not let him live it down, nicknaming him Kelewele, a name they probably still call him in jest to this day.

But as we smile at this, the underlying truth hits close to home. Alex’s CV failed to mirror the skills required to clinch the opportunity presented to him.

It’s a wake-up call wrapped in laughter, a reminder of the fate of people who fail to adapt to the demands of the present and the future. We face a digital transformation that is not waiting for anyone. If you don’t evolve, your CV will sell Kelewele and Khebab.

Where Africa stands

The world increasingly requires a digital workforce equipped with the skills to navigate the complexities of the modern economy; Africa stands poised to meet this demand.

The continent boasts of a youth population with approximately 60% of its people under the age of 25, presenting a unique advantage of a workforce primed for the digital age.

By leveraging mobile telephony and digital platforms, Africa can leapfrog traditional developmental stages propel itself into a future driven by technology and innovation, and position itself as a global leader.

The African Leapfrog Index ranks six countries based on their digital economic ecosystems. Kenya and South Africa are leading the pack, followed closely by Nigeria, Egypt, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Africa has the potential to not only catch up with the rest of the world but to lead the way in shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow.

But despite the continent’s vast potential, the index emphasises that there’s still so much of it left to tap.

ALX: A strategic response to unprecedented change

Right now, providing individuals with the leverage needed to stand out in the future world of work demands more than conventional expertise.

Africa’s leading tech training provider offers a dynamic approach to equip Africans with leadership and technological knowledge, providing them with a distinct advantage in the evolving job market.

By 2030, ALX aims to shape and uplift the careers of three million ethical and entrepreneurial African leaders.

With operations continent-wide, particularly in key countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, and Egypt, their partnership with the MasterCard Foundation allows sponsored placements to young Africans aged 18-34.

So far, the tech training provider has trained and helped thousands of Africans start rewarding careers. Yousef Ayele graduated from the ALX Software Engineering programme in 2022. He now works as a project control officer for a New York-based tech start-up and is well on his way to starting his own fintech company. In his own words, “With no prior experience, I was still able to find success.”

Backed by ALX’s top-notch tech training and 85% high employability rate, there are many others like Yousef who started out as novices and now, have found work in blue-chip companies, scaling corporate ladders and earning in hard currencies.

Get the X factor to get ahead

There’s the 5–12-month tech programmes complete with courses such as Data Analytics, Data Science, Front-end Web Development, Back-end Web Development, Salesforce Administration, AWS Cloud Computing & more.

Professionals aspiring to maximize their value could enrol in the six-week, fully funded, 100% AI Career Essentials programme.

However, being a learner and finishing at ALX is not just the end of the matter. It comes with exclusive benefits including credit cards, access to scholarships, special discounts, and travel experiences. You gain access to a vibrant supportive community that enables you to go further with lifelong learning opportunities, and additional perks to accelerate your career.

From learning from highly qualified, fully-vetted instructors with extensive industry experience to receiving expert-led mentorship and support whenever, wherever.

The statistics are stark. The challenge is real.

Africans will not be left behind.

The time to act is now.

Visit the ALX website at https://tech.alxafrica.com/ghana Search ALX Ghana online to apply for a course and get the X factor to get ahead. Your journey towards a tech-enabled future starts here.

Source: Thebftonline

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