Tom Vernon Steps Down as Right to Dream CEO, Shifting Focus to Ghana

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Tom Vernon Steps Down as Right to Dream CEO, Shifting Focus to Ghana

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Tom Vernon Steps Down as Right to Dream CEO, Shifting Focus to Ghana

Tom Vernon Steps Down as Right to Dream CEO, Shifting Focus to Ghana

Tom Vernon, the founder and CEO of Right to Dream, has announced that he will be stepping down from his position as Chief Executive Officer after 25 years of leading the organization.

In a post on his LinkedIn page, Vernon revealed that he will be taking on a new role as Executive Vice Chairman, remaining on the board of Right to Dream and its affiliated clubs, and serving as Chairman of FC Nordsjaelland.

Vernon expressed his gratitude towards his parents and wife, who supported him in establishing the Right to Dream, stating, “My greatest blessing is the knowledge that these 25 years would not be possible without my Parents who funded the Right to Dream when no one else would and My wife who co-created the vision and reality. It’s not lost on me how lucky I am.”

Reflecting on his decision to step down, Vernon shared, “I decided some time ago that at my 25 years anniversary, I would stop as the CEO of Right to Dream. That day has arrived and today is my last day as CEO of the community I founded and love.”

Vernon emphasised his commitment to continuing his involvement with Right to Dream, saying, “I have agreed with the Mansour Family a new role as Executive Vice Chairman, staying on the board of RtD group and San Diego FC.

This will see me actively supporting our clubs and academies in Egypt and San Diego non-operationally and FC Nordsjaelland as Chairman.”

He also highlighted his desire to focus on his personal life, stating, “After a quarter century of pushing Right to Dream inch by inch it’s time to achieve a better family balance and spend my reduced time supporting our amazing leadership one step back from the front line, where I can focus on deepening and strengthening our culture and the global connectivity within our community.”

Vernon expressed his excitement about the future of Right to Dream, citing the growth of the organization from a small academy to a global community with 4 academies and professional clubs in Denmark, Egypt, and America, and over 1000 members. He praised his successor, Dan Dickinson, calling him “the perfect person to further knit together our community and grow it.”

Looking ahead, Vernon expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to dedicate more time to his passions, including spending time with his family and supporting projects that align with his values.

He concluded, “I’m off to the dressing room for a halftime recovery and team talk and hope to extend the lead in the 2nd half.”

Under Vernon’s leadership, Right to Dream has become renowned for its innovative approach to developing young talent and fostering a love of football.

Since 2007, Right to Dream has produced over 157 graduates playing professional football globally including West Ham midfielder Mohammed Kudus and Ivory Coast’s AFCON 2023 star Simon Adingra.


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