Chirano Gold Mines Grants Tertiary Scholarships to 53 Promising Students

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Chirano Gold Mines Grants Tertiary Scholarships to 53 Promising Students

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Chirano Gold Mines Grants Tertiary Scholarships to 53 Promising Students

Chirano Gold Mines Grants Tertiary Scholarships to 53 Promising Students

Chirano Gold Mines Limited (CGML), an Asante Gold Company, has awarded 53 students from its catchment communities’ scholarships to study at the tertiary level.

The awards, given under the community scholarship programme of the Chirano Sefwiman Foundation, and the CGML General Manager’s scholarships targets needy but brilliant students from the 20 local communities of the Mine.

At a ceremony to present the awards, the General Manager of CGML, Ing Stephen Asante Yamoah said the beneficiaries represent the bright future of the nation, adding “we are confident that they will make significant contributions to society in the years to come.”

According to him, the scholarships reaffirm the commitment of CGML to education and community development. “Through education, we empower individuals to break free from the shackles of ignorance, poverty, and inequality, and to chart their own path towards a brighter future,” he added.

He continued that Chirano Gold Mines remains steadfast in its commitment to the development of our local communities. “From providing educational infrastructure to implementing literacy programs, we strive to make a tangible and lasting impact on the lives of those around us,” he stated.

From 2020 to 2023, Chirano Gold Mines Limited through the Chirano Sefwiman Foundation and the Chirano General Manager’s scholarships, have provided higher education opportunities to 54 needy but brilliant students at the tertiary level. The two scholarship schemes have spent about GH₡ 800,000 on these beneficiaries so far.

The award of an additional 53 scholarships brings the total number of scholarships beneficiaries to one hundred and seven (107)

Chief of Sefwi Nsuonsia, Nana Eluo Panyin III, who is the chair of the scholarship award committee commended Chirano Gold Mines for their focus on building developing the human resource base of local communities, stressing the awardees could bring a significant improvement in the well-being of their families and communities.

“If the big companies in their area all decided to award even a fraction of the scholarship being given by Chirano Gold Mines Ltd after so many years of operation, we would have seen a more significant level of development in Sefwi,” he added.

The Board Chairman of the Chirano Sefwiman Foundation, Dindiok Chialin explained that the Foundation is funded by the company’s contribution of US$1 for every ounce of gold produced by CGML.

It is from this contribution that 20 percent is allocated to Education scholarship. In addition to the US$1/oz contribution by the, CGML also continues to fund the administrative cost of the foundation. “Over and beyond the support the company gives to the Foundation, the company has also instituted the GM Scholarship scheme which awards 6 brilliant but needy students annually.

The 53 beneficiaries today include 12 who would be funded directly by the company. He continued that the beneficiaries went through a rigorous selection process administered and supervised by the members of the board. The criteria include their WASSCE grades, aptitude test and interviews. This process is to ensure that the scholarships are awarded to deserving students.

He entreated the scholarship beneficiaries to make the most out of this opportunity, adding that throughout the period of your education, the CSF will monitor their progress in school their performance will keep you in the programme.

Source: Thebftonline

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