GIPC Board Chair Sets the Standard for Corporate Ghana’s Values and Principles

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GIPC Board Chair Sets the Standard for Corporate Ghana’s Values and Principles

GIPC Board Chair Sets the Standard for Corporate Ghana’s Values and Principles

In an exclusive interview on Asaase Radio’s ‘Sunday Night‘, Alex Apau Dadey, the board chairman of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), discusses his crucial role in driving investment into Ghana.

“I serve as a clear example of what corporate Ghana should stand for,” Dadey asserted during the interview.

Collaborating with CEO Yoofi Grant, Dadey aims to attract foreign and diaspora investments to fuel Ghana’s economic growth.

Born into a middle-class family of educators, Dadey described his upbringing as privileged in terms of educational opportunities.

“Growing up… I grew up not in a more privileged, I call it privileged because in those days when you come from a middle-class family, you are privileged,” he noted.

His father, a headmaster and his mother, a teacher, played significant roles in shaping his early years.

Dadey’s journey was pivotal when he moved to the UK during the Rawlings era.

He pursued accountancy, joined Arthur Andersen in Birmingham, and later transitioned to London for better opportunities. “I found a job in London and carried on with the dream,” Dadey recalled.

His career in export sales flourished, and he eventually became the export sales director of his company, managing 25 countries worldwide. “I’ve seen a lot of cultures and business dynamics around the world in different continents,” he said, reflecting on his extensive international experience.

Dadey’s unique position as a successful entrepreneur and a returnee from the diaspora allows him to bridge gaps between potential investors and the Ghanaian market. “I act as an example of a successful entrepreneur and also narrate the terrain, the story of how to navigate the terrain,” he explained.

His personal story of returning to Ghana after achieving success abroad is an inspirational model for other diasporans considering investment in their homeland.

Dadey’s commitment to his role extends beyond strategic guidance; he financially supports GIPC’s initiatives. “I have made it a point not to take any board allowances, travel on my expenses, not on government expenditure when I do GIPC things,” he revealed. 

This dedication reflects his broader philosophy of giving back to the country that shaped his early years, further underscoring his commitment to Ghana’s development.

Source: Asaaseradio

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