K-NET Solidifies its Position as a Tech Giant with Two Prestigious GITTA 2024 Awards

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K-NET Solidifies its Position as a Tech Giant with Two Prestigious GITTA 2024 Awards

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K-NET Solidifies its Position as a Tech Giant with Two Prestigious GITTA 2024 Awards

K-NET Solidifies its Position as a Tech Giant with Two Prestigious GITTA 2024 Awards

K-NET, one of Africa’s leading broadcasting technology and IoT companies has once again been recognised for its commanding role in that space, picking two top awards at this year’s Ghana Information Technology and Telecom Awards (GITTA).

The company was adjudged Broadcast Technology Innovation Provider of the Year and its founder and CEO, Richard Hlomador was also admitted into the Telecommunications Hall of Fame, joining other industry greats honoured at GITTA in the past. 

Richard Hlomador, Founder and CEO of K-NET, admitted into the Telecoms Hall of Fame at GITTA2024

Many Ghanaians only associate K-NET with the establishment and management of the country’s Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) platform.

However, the company’s rich experience in establishing and running shared infrastructure successfully in both the broadcasting technology and telecoms space is way bigger than what it does with the DTT platform.

This is why K-NET is a worthy partner in any shared infrastructure project to be executed in Ghana and across Africa.

Since its establishment in 1996, K-NET has largely remained a silent technology giant that has remained off the media spotlight.

The irony here is that, even though K-NET is a major force behind the digitalization of Ghana’s media industry, it seldom features in the media.

It also does so much more in the technology space that not many know about, except the several institutional clients such as telcos, banks, insurance companies, state institutions and many more who serve millions of Ghanaians on the back of infrastructure powered by K-NET.

Beyond its work in DTT, K-NET is also a telecommunications company and an internet service provider with tremendous institutional knowledge and experience in ICT solutions, specialising in the delivery of innovative communication products and business solutions for corporate organisations, government agencies, military and the general consumer public.

Its focus is on delivering world-class solutions tailored to the needs of local and international customers in the following service areas;

Teleport, Broadcasting (DTT, DTH, DAB), Wide Area Networks, Data Centers, eCommerce, Rural Telephony, Solar Power Plants, Long Term Evolution (LTE), Private 4G, 4G over Satellite, and IoT.


KNET boasts of a world-class Satellite Teleport which is a satellite operator agnostic and has multiple Earth Station Antennae (ESA), Radio Frequency Transmitters (RFT) and multiple VSAT hubs which are fully integrated for various service delivery on any satellite.

K-NET state-of-the-art Teleport Hub at McCarthy Hill in Accra

The company has arguably the best-in-class teleport service in Ghana using its 11.3m VSAT teleport and hub located at McCarthy Hills in Accra, built with state-of-the-art systems for high-level service delivery.

Its teleport services provide long-term and occasional solutions to broadcast clients in Ghana and parts of Africa, who operate Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and or Direct to Home (DTH) platforms and channels.

Source: Joy News

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