Bathroom Furniture – How To Choose And Install The Wash Station?

Bathroom Furniture - How To Choose And Install The Wash Station?

Best bathroom furniture gets the love of broad consumer, a lot of families are bathroom furniture of choose and buy very pay attention to quality, want the bathroom furniture with best choose and buy.

Commonly washgargle stage is installation is in toilet, such washgargle can be more convenient. We will find that the design of the washing table is not a single, there are many forms, and the design of the style is very novel. According to the be fond of of different person, can choose different wash gargle stage, can choose fitted bathroom furniture on the choice,. The bathroom layout that can run us so is more reasonable and beautiful.

The form that washs gargle stage installs is different, show the effect that come out is different also. For example, the wash table with legs and no legs, there is a big difference. The wash table has legs or not legs good, look at the introduction.

If the washing table has legs, the installation will be more solid, do not worry about the use of the process will suddenly fall, hurt themselves, stability is very good. But its beautiful degree is not very tall, and the space on the face below washing gargle also cannot get effective use.

Those who wash gargle stage to install does not have a leg, look beautiful degree can taller, use effect and those who have a leg is about the same, the space on the face below washing gargle also can get use. But often this form of washing table has a certain risk, long time above the placement of things, stability is not high, easy to collapse injury situation. Wash gargle stage serves as bathroom facilities indispensable, we can like according to the individual in choice form.

Small make up summary: two forms of wash gargle is still possible, choose which or to see personal preferences.

Bathroom Furniture - How To Choose And Install The Wash Station?

I.What is better to buy for the washstand

1.Platform basin
Friends can choose stage basin commonly, because stage basin modelling is more beautiful, can undertake choosing according to the modelling that oneself like, modelling is simple each different deeply everybody welcome. And stage basin is easy to install and disassemble, if want to change new face basin when, can disassemble face basin directly come down, install on new face basin. The most important point is, stage basin covers an area of an area small, use convenient.

2, under the basin
The biggest advantage of bottom basin is easy cleanness, and won’t sanitation dead Angle, this is a how happy thing for laborious mother, so the family that general female take charge of does can choose bottom basin. Bottom basin is connected as a result of and mesa integral whole, what integral effect compares stage basin is beautiful.

3, column basin
Column basin is designed very concise mostly, because can conceal the column of column basin, give a person consequently with clean, neat exterior feels, and, when washing hands, human body can stand naturally before the basin, use rise thereby more convenient. The biggest advantage of column basin depends on covering an area of small, because this a lot of small toilet still use column basin, basin body and drainage are solved together.

Bathroom Furniture - How To Choose And Install The Wash Station?

II. What does wash gargle station buy better

How to remove the bathroom faucet

1.Find the water inlet valve before removing the basin faucet. The inlet valve is usually installed on the wall below the basin. Screw the Angle valve first, break the water, otherwise in the process of removing the basin faucet will appear a lot of water is wasted;

2.After screwing on the Angle valve, some water will remain in the water pipe, turn on the tap to drain the remaining water;

3.When the basin faucet is installed, connect the inlet port of basin faucet with the Angle valve with the inlet hose. When disassembling, hold the water pipe with one hand and twist the wrench with the other hand to remove the inlet hose and connect one end of the basin faucet;

4, basin faucet installation, connected to the water inlet hose also need to tighten; Nut will lock it tight, so after removing the hose into the water, find the basin faucet fastener, with pliers or wrench, the basin faucet can be taken out.

The above is small make up to introduce the fitted bathroom furniture, the bathroom furniture in the washing station knowledge small make up has been introduced, want to know to give more best bathroom furniture, you can continue to pay attention to me.

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