Bathroom furniture — Toilet Purchase Precautions

Bathroom furniture --- Toilet Purchase Precautions

Now with the improvement of quality of life, people for the quality of bathroom furniture requirements are very high, the toilet purchase requirements are relatively high, generally will choose the best bathroom furniture, so that its quality and service are guaranteed.

Then the small editor today is here for you to introduce the toilet purchase attention to what. Interested friends follow the small editor to look down.

Bathroom furniture --- Toilet Purchase Precautions

1.Toilet flushing method

If you want to divide by flushing method, it is roughly divided into two types: straight-through type and siphon type.
Both types of flushing have advantages, which are often the case when buying a toilet.

2.The appearance of the toilet

High-quality toilet, smooth surface, no bumps. Generally speaking, high-end toilets are porcelain-like and weigh a lot.
The appearance of the bathroom should be coordinated with other sanitary ware, and at the same time in line with the bathroom decoration style.

Bathroom furniture --- Toilet Purchase Precautions

3.Toilet flushing test

When you buy a toilet, the flushing test is especially important. For example, put a moderate amount of ping-pong in the toilet and flush it to see if the ball is all drained. When buying a bathroom, pay attention to whether it is easy to splash water. If you want the toilet to not splash, you must pay attention to the height of the toilet.
In general, the height of the water seal should be kept between 55-60mm.

4.Toilet drainage and pit distance

Before purchasing a toilet, you must confirm the toilet’s drainage method and the toilet’s pit distance. In general, the pit distance error does not exceed 1cm, otherwise it is easy to cause the toilet installation.
Therefore, the measurement should be accurate so as not to purchase a toilet that does not fit into your own bathroom.

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