Bathroom Tap As Bathroom Furniture Price And Brand Introduction

Bathroom Tap As Bathroom Furniture Price And Brand Introduction

Bathroom tap is one of the household utensils that people use more frequently in daily life, and plays an important role that can not be ignored.
The following small editor to give you specifically said that the knowledge related to the bathroom tap, including the price of the bathroom tap, bathroom tap which brand is good

I. Kohler bathroom tap price

1, Kohler K-16027T-4-CP hot and cold tap, price: 645 yuan.

2, Kohler K-76602T-4-CP pull-out tap, price: 1393 yuan.

3, Kohler K-562T-B4-CP pull-out tap, price: 1350 yuan.

4, Kohler 562T-B4-CP pull-out tap, price: 1362 yuan.

5, Kohler K-72275T-4-CP hot and cold tap, price: 936 yuan.

6, Kohler K-5241T-4-CP hot and cold tap, price: 818 yuan.

7, Kohler K-45406T-B4-CP water purifier tap, price: 242 yuan.

8, Kohler K-99455T three-hole tap, price: 1478 yuan.

Bathroom Tap As Bathroom Furniture Price And Brand Introduction

Ii. Which brand is good for the bathroom tap

1, Mone

Man was founded in 1937, the main production of high-grade faucets, bathroom hardware accessories, its products are very many, styles are also diverse.In addition, its products are suitable for the needs of different people, the quality is also guaranteed.

2, Wrigley

Wrigley was founded in 1994, mainly the production of all-copper chrome taps and stainless steel basins and so on.Its product quality has been certified by many institutions, is one of the consumers to trust the brand.

3, Humvee Founded in 2001, Humvee is a leading manufacturer of kitchen featurehardware and accessories.At present, the company mainly produces lighting, plumbing pipe, etc. , it produces faucets in the market to obtain good sales.

4, Nine Pastoral

Founded in 1990, the brand is now well-known in the market. Secondly, the product is environmentally friendly materials, in the quality of the trust of consumers.After more than twenty years of continuous efforts, it has won many honors.

5, Kohler

Kohler was founded in 1873, mainly in the production of kitchen and kitchen products and power generation systems and other products.The brand has always been adhering to the principle of quality first, but also the use of the most advanced technology, is a consumer trusted brand.

Bathroom Tap As Bathroom Furniture Price And Brand Introduction

Bathroom tap brand ranking

1, Nine Pastoral

JiuMao was founded in 1990, its products have mid-range prices, it is a metal leading products and developed into the overall bathroom brand, is the domestic comprehensive strength of the top three bathroom brands.

2, Huayi

Founded in 1991, Huayi is one of China’s largest leading hardware export enterprises, transferred to the domestic market in 2011.Its annual production of high-grade leading and bathroom accessories more than 10 million sets, is China’s largest, most professional plumbing production enterprises.

3, Heng Jie

HengJie was founded in 1998, it pays attention to product quality, innovation and environmental protection, with a number of patented technology, brand comprehensive strength is strong.

4, Dylan

Teirang was founded in 1992, mainly the production of hardware pendants and leading products, is a high selection rate of engineering hotel projects tap bathroom brand.

5, Matsusco

Founded in 1992, Matsusten is a design and technology-oriented bathroom brand.

Headquartered in Xiamen, China, it is a leading brand of technology and design in the international bathroom industry.

6, Fenghua

Fenghua was founded in 1991, is a design and development, production, sales trade as one of the professional high-end bathroom products manufacturers.

7, Plumme

Plum was founded in 1998, focusing on stainless steel sinks, faucets, rain showers and other bathroom hardware products research and development and production.Its products to 304 stainless steel-based material, durable, safe and healthy, energy-saving and environmental protection.

8, Zhongyu

Zhongyu was founded in 1979, early to tap spouts and other hardware products exported mainly to Europe and the United States.It is China’s strength of the overall kitchen and bathroom home research and development, sales, service as one of the large-scale kitchen and bathroom joint-stock enterprises, and participate in China’s sanitary plumbing products 23 national standards, its product standards are much higher than national standards.

9, Yading

Yading was founded in 2001 to design, manufacture high-quality hardware bathroom-based.

Its products are certified by the ISO9001 quality system, and tap products have passed the extremely stringent CUPC certification in the United States and Canada, ACS certification in France and WATERMARK certification in Australia.
10, Ores

Auers was founded in 1990 to produce faucets, hardware pendants mainly, is one of the earliest tap hardware export enterprises in Zhejiang.

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