How Do Small Bathrooms Design Layout?

How Do Small Bathrooms Design Layout?

The best bathroom furniture by consumers like, small bathroom design now many young people can not afford to buy a large house, and small households can reduce a lot of mortgage pressure, so buy small households more and more people. The only problem with small household type is that the space is small, the bathroom is very difficult to decorate.
In fact, as long as the reasonable design, to buy the fitted bathroom furniture, small bathroom can also play the effect of decoration.

How Do Small Bathrooms Design Layout?

I. Small bathroom design layout

1.Square small bathroom:

Diamond-shaped shower room square shower room (or fan-shaped) to the bathroom door, so that the dry area of the activity appears to be restrained, and after opening the door to a sharp corner has a uncomfortable feeling, then you can try with a diamond-shaped shower room, by removing a shower room sharp corner, the same can be realistic function. Square shower room in a small area of square bathroom, you can use a small square (or fan-shaped) shower room, the shower room is located in the farthest corner from the door, while the washbasin and toilet are arranged on both sides of the shower room corner.Washbasins and toilets are essential for bathroom furniture, and are also important in the layout.

2.Rectangular small bathroom:

Rectangular shower room, open the door in the long side if the rectangular bathroom open in the long side, you can arrange the toilet or washbasin in the opposite door position, and the shower room can be arranged in the side behind the door, using glass sliding doors to do dry and wet separation, but also to avoid the bathroom obstruction to the washbasin or toilet.

Fan shower room, open the door in the short side for the small rectangle into the depth, can use a practical fan-shaped shower room (or diamond-shaped shower room), and the shower room and toilet, washbasin layout can be arranged with a triangle, the shower room in the middle.

Rectangular shower room, open the door in the short side for the door in the short side of the bathroom layout is relatively simple, generally from the outside to the inside are: wash basin, toilet, shower room, and shower room is generally with glass sliding door partition to use very convenient, the living line is also very comfortable.

How Do Small Bathrooms Design Layout?

II.How to wet and dry separation of small bathroom

1.Shower room

At present, the most common shower room on the market is mainly corner and glyph two. Which style to choose depends on the bathroom layout. Generally speaking, the use of corner shower room relatively more space-saving, a quarter of the arc shower door is suitable for installation in the corner area of the bathroom, but also to take advantage of the corner area not very well handled.
But be aware that before installation, the bathroom facilities in the bathroom should be arranged and then installed at right angles.

Shower pull-in If you are not willing to buy ready-made shower room, but also want to achieve dry and wet separation, the most convenient way is to install a shower door.
In the optional shower pull-in this bathroom furniture, we have to have their own positioning choice, choose to match the layout of our bathroom.

2.Installing water blocking stone

Water blocking stone is the shower room between the wet area and the dry area of the hand-washing table to do an excessive elevation part of the ground, the main purpose is to block the bath when the ground water out of the outside, resulting in the whole space wet and slippery, and the material of the blocking stone can be stone, tile, artificial stone, mosaic, etc., height is generally done about 50mm,This can also be based on the situation on the spot.

3.Install ingress

Having a feeling of underground heat is like opening through the second vein, like putting on a cold shield, because it is through the ground in the form of radiation from the bottom up to heat, so the soles of the feet will not be cold first. “Warm and cool” is the health theory of Chinese medicine, that is, the most comfortable state of heating is the heat from the soles of the feet to the head gradually decreasing, so it is very comfortable to have a bathroom with underground heating.And can also completely solve the bathroom moisture and odor.

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