How Is The Bathroom Ceiling Designed As Bathroom Furniture?

How Is The Bathroom Ceiling Designed As Bathroom Furniture?

Bathroom decoration design is more and more attention, by shopping for bathroom furniture to decorate the bathroom has been very important, people want to improve the quality of life, usually buy some of the best bathroom furniture, so that the bathroom layout can be more noble.

Bathroom ceiling refers to the bathroom environment top decoration. Simply put, it refers to the decoration of the ceiling, is one of the important parts of interior decoration. In today’s its role is not only waterproof but also yo ah play the role of decorative space, for which the owners are very important.Choosing the fitted bathroom furniture makes the bathroom space layout more reasonable.

How Is The Bathroom Ceiling Designed As Bathroom Furniture?

I. How to design the bathroom ceiling


Heater is also a common bathroom facilities, heater purchase is a big thing of the bathroom integrated ceiling, the general latest product selling is more special, specifications may be different from the general difference so in the choice of heater first to measure the shower room or bathtub design in the bathroom which piece, size is how big.
In the heater installation will be added to the inside a large core plate, fixed to the dragon skeleton can be.

2.Ventilation module

Ventilation is also a big thing in the bathroom, by optimizing ventilation can be replaced in the bathroom, in the bathroom integrated ceiling configuration can be a separate choice of ventilation module.Bathroom integrated ceiling can make the use of space more, in other words, for decoration more cost-effective, better rational use of resources.

3.Lighting module

Lighting module in the bathroom integrated ceiling is an important link, providing lighting but also can save a lot of expenses, the traditional bathroom ceiling effect map lighting is using spotlights or install a lot of lights, expensive and not very cost-effective. Bathroom integrated ceiling benefits are many, reasonable DIY, save money to use more functions.

In the bathroom ceiling design time we must not be sloppy ventilation problems, ventilation module must exist, of course, in the building materials market when buying bathroom furniture do not listen too much to the business’s words, they let you buy the module is not necessarily practical to you.

How Is The Bathroom Ceiling Designed As Bathroom Furniture?

II. Key points of the construction of the ceiling of the bathroom

1, keel installation points. At present, bathroom ceiling decoration to light steel keel-based, generally do not advocate the use of wood keel, because it is prone to moisture. Installation of the bathroom ceiling of the keel should pay attention to flat, keel spacing deviation should be controlled within the permitted range of 1.5 meters, keel installation should be arranged in order, keel, boom, connecting parts should be in the correct position, the material is flat, straight, strong connection, no loose.If there is a suspended load-bearing piece to increase the cross-sectional secondary keel, the boom from the end of the main keel must not exceed 300mm.

2, lighting installation points. Large lamps, exhaust fans, etc. should be done separately keel fixed, if placed directly on the aluminum buckle plate, it is easy to make aluminum buckle board off, resulting in a certain safety hazard.If glass lamps are installed, tempered or laminated glass should be used, both of which are market-specified safety glass.

3, water heater installation points.If it is the ceiling decoration of the hair embryo room, to install a good water heater, the general electric water heater half exposed in the ceiling below, ceiling workers will be based on the shape of the electric water heater cutting buckle plate and sealing edge; Tips for making ceilings more aesthetic.

Bathroom ceiling generally with layers of all tube blocking, forming a flat ceiling, if you want to make the ceiling more layered, you can use the board to wrap the tube bit, form a false beam, and then in the middle of the false beam mounted a number of planks, make a parallel beam, between the small beams plus aluminum buckle plate, so that the light from above. Ceiling design and the theme of the decoration style is very consistent, blue and white wall tiles are very fresh, ceiling design has a shallow pattern, to the space to bring a hint of new meaning, will not appear pale without a sense of design.Make the whole space look very visible.

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