Introduction Of Ceramic Washbasin As A Bathroom Furniture Purchase Technique And Advantages And Disadvantages

Introduction Of Ceramic Washbasin As A Bathroom Furniture Purchase Technique And Advantages And Disadvantages

With the development of economy and the improvement of people’s living standard, people pay attention to the decoration and design of bathroom furniture, but also pay special attention to the health of the body. People in the process of home decoration, will choose the fitted bathroom furniture, often need to choose their favorite hand basin.

Ceramic washbasins are the most common furniture for bathroom facilities.In recent years, ceramic washbasins because of their own advantages to get people’s favor and love, but people know less about it, so that people in the process of decoration appeared in the phenomenon of hand and foot chaos.Therefore, on this basis, the small editor will introduce it to everyone!

Introduction Of Ceramic Washbasin As A Bathroom Furniture Purchase Technique And Advantages And Disadvantages

I. Ceramic washbasin – selection techniques


When buying, it is important to be similar to a plain ceramic washbasin. It is necessary to check that the glaze is smooth and clean.Excellent glaze finish and brightness, solid color, not easy to dye, easy to clean, often practical and beautiful.


You can tap a high-quality washbasin with your hands. The sound it makes is clear and pleasant. If the sound is dull, the appearance of the appliance will break.It’s also fake.


When selected, the user can touch the hand in the washbasin. If the touch is smooth and smooth, it means that the quality of the product is qualified. If you feel a slight particle bulge, it means rough production and washing your hands.The back of the basin is usually matte and feels a kind of sand friction.


The absorbance rate refers to the ceramic products have a certain ability to absorb and penetrate water. If water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will have a certain expansion, which will easily lead to the ceramic surface of the glass surface due to expansion and rupture.Especially for water-absorbing products such as washbasins, it is easy to draw dirt and odors from water into ceramics, and after long periods of use, it will produce odors that cannot be removed.

II.Ceramic washbasins – advantages


There are many washbasins for home decoration.
Its design is simple and atmospheric, can set off a variety of decorative styles.

2.Simple maintenance

Not only is the washbasin cheap, but it is also not easy to hide dirt, especially care, in everyday use.

3.Shape more

Rich shape, opportunity to choose from, not only simple round, square, diamond, triangle.
Irregularly shaped washbasins are also everywhere.


With the development of production, today’s washbasin is no longer pure white, due to the development of ceramic technology and the prevalence of painting, colorful art ceramic washbasin is very popular.

III.Ceramic washbasin – shortcomings

It comes from the ceramic basin, the hardness is slightly worse, if the collision is easy to cause damage, so try not to touch the ceramic washbasin in daily use. At the same time, choose ceramic washbasins, but also consider the home decoration environment, including the layout of bathroom pipes.

Don’t just look at the look and buy it, but also consider whether it’s practical. In short, this is the small editor introduced as bathroom furniture ceramic washbasin related content.

Ceramic washbasins not only help to improve the quality of decoration, pay more attention to whether it is beautiful, simple, elegant.
Therefore, in the specific process of house decoration, it is necessary to understand the ceramic washbasin related content, for people to create a good home living environment.

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