Is The Mirror Headlight Bathroom Easy To Use? How To Prevent Fog In The Bathroom Mirror?

Is The Mirror Headlight Bathroom Easy To Use? How To Prevent Fog In The Bathroom Mirror?

The bathroom mirror headlights are also an important part of the bathroom decoration. They have two functions of decorative lighting. In the process of using the bathroom, there is too much water vapor in the bathroom, which will form a layer of fog on the mirror of the bathroom. To wipe the mirror repeatedly, the following is a small series of the decoration home network to give you a detailed introduction to the mirror light bathroom is easy to use? How to prevent fog in the bathroom mirror?

Is The Mirror Headlight Bathroom Easy To Use? How To Prevent Fog In The Bathroom Mirror?

First, the mirror lamp bathroom is easy to use?

1, check the anti-fog function

The mirror front lamp bathroom, the bathroom mirror light is installed in the bathroom, and the bathroom can not avoid a lot of water vapor, if the bathroom steam is heavy, the impact on the mirror headlight is very large, the mirror light without anti-fog function is long The time is greatly reduced by the water vapor erosion life, so we pay attention to whether there is no anti-fog function when choosing the mirror headlights. This is one of the important tips for the purchase of bathroom mirror headlights.

2, check the bulb light source

Mirror front light bathroom, bathroom mirror front light source is not suitable for too bright or too dark, moderately good, the method of detecting light bulbs is very simple, find a book, then open the bathroom mirror headlights, you can clearly see the words on the book, then Such a light source is just right. In addition, the choice of cold and warm light source is also one of the purchase techniques of the bathroom mirror headlights. If the overall decoration of the bathroom is cool, the wall tile is light white, then we should choose warm and cool light source, the bathroom decoration to warm In the main color, we should choose a light source based on warm colors.

3, check the style of the lamps

The bathroom mirror headlights are not only for lighting, but the mirror headlights are more decorative. Although they can’t control the decoration style of the bathroom, a good looking bathroom mirror headlight will add a lot to the bathroom. Generally speaking, the bathroom The mirror headlights must match the style of the bathroom to be a good look, so choosing the right mirror headlights is critical. If the decoration style of the bathroom is mainly based on simple design, then we are not suitable for the purchase of complex, cumbersome mirror headlights. It is recommended to buy silver-white, simple design lamps in the color; in the European-style, American-style bathroom, you can Buy retro-style, elegant-style lamps, the light source is the best of yellow, but it is a good finishing touch.

Is The Mirror Headlight Bathroom Easy To Use? How To Prevent Fog In The Bathroom Mirror?

Second, how to prevent fog in the bathroom mirror

1, body lotion anti-fog

Apply the lotion to the bathroom mirror and apply it with a brush or hand, but it will be more even when applied by hand. After a few minutes, wipe off the lotion with a towel. Body lotion is a good way to help isolate the effects of water vapor on the mirror itself. In addition, the mirror gloss applied to the moisturizer will be more full.

2, soap anti-fog

Wet the bathroom mirror with water, then we can put the soap on the hand and apply it evenly across the mirror. After one to two minutes, we cleaned the soap on the mirror with a soft towel or a rag. After that, we will find that the soap fills the seemingly smooth mirror bump or unevenness, making the water droplets and steam The liquid of the class can not be absorbed, and the mirror surface of the bathroom mirror is naturally smoother and smoother.

3, detergent anti-fog

Use a dry rag to apply a little detergent to the mirror. Remember to not dilute with water, let it form a layer of isolation on the mirror, separate the water vapor from the air, and then wipe off the detergent with a dry towel. There are some active ingredients in the detergent to prevent water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface and preventing mirror fogging. In this way, the mirror is very bright and beautiful.

The above article is the content of the mirror front lamp bathroom introduced to you in this issue, and it will end here. I believe this information can help everyone.

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