Tips For Buying Lights In Bathroom Furniture

Tips For Buying Lights In Bathroom Furniture

In modern home furniture, bathroom furniture is a key part of the whole interior home, where bathroom equipment is a must-have in every home bathroom, choose the best bathroom furniture, involving the selection of bathroom light bulbs.

Then, small editor to introduce to you about the bath bar bulb shopping tips and related content, interested friends continue to look down, hope can help to everyone.

Tips For Buying Lights In Bathroom Furniture

First, bathroom light bulb shopping tips

1.Pay attention to the lighting function As bathroom furniture, Bath Bar’s choice of heated bulbs must be waterproof, explosion-proof and anti-glare. Bath bar was originally used for bathing, easy to water. Without safety measures, the bath bar heating bulb may explode when it encounters water. If the quality is worse than the water, an explosion may occur.
In addition to the above, under the condition of constant heating effect, a good bath bar bulb should also be used to make the brightness of the light weak, which is a safe and reliable bath bar bulb.

2.Pay attention to the quality of the bulb The filament of a high-quality bath bar bulb is an ultra-fine double helix structure that doubles the effective heating length of the filament. Connection between the base and the foam: the base of the bulb is bonded to the foam body by ordinary glue, and the softness of the gel at high temperature softens the foam easily to let the foam fall off under gravity, resulting in a safety accident. High-quality bulbs are threaded and very robust. The aluminum seepage layer of foam body: The quality of the aluminum coating directly affects the reflective efficiency of heat energy.The aluminum coating of the high-quality heating bulb is very flat on the upper side.

Tips For Buying Lights In Bathroom Furniture

Second, how to choose bath bar bulb

1.Pay attention to the specifications of the bath bar bulb The specification of a bath bar bulb refers to the bubble diameter of the bulb and the height of the bulb. Bath Bar bulbs have a lot of specifications. The original production of the original bath bar bulb has a variety of specifications of bath bar size. There are many sizes of bulbs on the market, and if you buy your own bath bulb, note that the neck of the bulb (the tube type of the bulb) is long and short, i.e. the height of the bulb. If the lamp’s short neck hits the deep bath bar, it will not fit.
The normal bath bar bulb wattage is 275w, the size is basically divided into two, 174mm high, 125mm in diameter or 183mm high, 125mm in diameter.

2.Pay attention to the price of the bath bar bulb In fact, the price of the bath bar bulb determines the price of the bath bar. Due to the strict requirements of the heating lamp technology, the price of high-quality bath bar will not be very low. If you see in the market 200-300 yuan bath bar, even four lights are fake and shoddy products, because a safety light infrared heating lamp price should be about 50 yuan, four is 200 yuan, and other genuine accessories are also about 150 yuan, plus manufacturers. Profit, the lowest price should also exceed 500 yuan. Home bath bar bulbs range from a dozen yuan to dozens of yuan. The make, model and performance of the Bath Bar bulb determine its price.

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