Wash Wardrobe As Bathroom Furniture Brand And Purchase Introduction

Wash Wardrobe As Bathroom Furniture Brand And Purchase Introduction

House in the decoration, people in the bathroom decoration, need to buy a lot of bathroom furniture.People’s living standards greatly improved, choose the best bathroom furniture more and more people.

Wash wardrobe as a kind of bathroom furniture, but in the purchase of laundry wardrobe, do not know what are on top of the brand, and how to wash the wardrobe, these are not very understanding, then which brand is washing wardrobe good? How to buy the laundry? Next decoration home small editor for everyone to introduce, I hope you in the decoration of the time reference.I hope you will be referred to in the decoration.

Wash Wardrobe As Bathroom Furniture Brand And Purchase Introduction

I. Which brand is good for washing wardrobes

1. Washing wardrobe which brand good LEBAO Leburg, is the Shanghai Sin Industrial Co., Ltd. under the brand, Shanghai Sin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in high-end washing wardrobe production and manufacturing enterprises.
The company has a wealth of business contacts, LeBourg products are mostly simple style, products related to solid wood wash wardrobe, stainless steel wash wardrobe, bathroom cabinets, laundry basins and so on.

2. Wash wardrobe which brand good said Wrigley, many people are reminded of Wrigley bathroom, Wrigley bathroom with its superior quality and good service deeply in the hearts of the people, but in fact, Wrigley wash wardrobe is also good, over the years rapid development, become the top ten brands of washing wardrobe.
So Wrigley’s products are very good.

3. Wash wardrobe Which brand good TOTO company was founded by the Japanese Ogura and pro in 1917, and later changed its name to TOTO.
TOTO’s products almost involve bathroom-related products, including washing closet products are particularly good, not only in Japan has formed a sound sales outlets, in Asia and Europe and other countries and regions have brand franchises.

4. Wash wardrobe Which brand good Kohler, Kohler founded in 1873, headquartered in Wisconsin, the United States is one of the oldest and largest family businesses. Kohler’s products range from generators to golf courses, from furniture to bathrooms.

Although Kohler produces many products, but does not mean that its professionalism is not enough, on the contrary, Kohler can survive more than a century to show that its product quality is trustworthy.

Wash Wardrobe As Bathroom Furniture Brand And Purchase Introduction

II . How to buy a wash

1. When shopping for a wash, look at the color of the cabinet body. Wash wardrobe as the most common furniture for bathroom facilities. Washing wardrobes of any material will turn yellow if you are exposed to the sun all year round.
So put a curtain on the balcony window when you’re not using a wash.

2. In the purchase of washing wardrobe, to see the size: small size of the choice of ceramic basin, large size of the general choice of artificial stone. Because more than 80 cm, the deformation rate of ceramics is very high. And man-made stone is no problem.
The service life of artificial stone is also long as it is used properly.

3. When shopping for a wash, look at the function: in the choice of wardrobe, the consideration is of course practical function. For example, soap net with soap. A towel bar with a towel, a blue for temporary dirty clothes.
General professional wash wardrobe manufacturers will consider that the function is more important than the gorgeous appearance.

4. In the purchase of washing wardrobe, to see humanity: washing machine cabinet is relatively popular, but also the combination cabinet but in the details of doing high and low basin treatment is more in line with humanity. Domestic female height is generally in, about 160 cm. And washing the wardrobe to put down the washing machine, the total height will be more than 90 cm. Women who are under 160 in height can be very uncomfortable to use.The treatment of the high and low basins is still 90 cm in the washing machine part, but it is 5 cm lower outside the pool.

Washing wardrobe in the purchase time, do not know which brands are what, and how to buy washing wardrobe, the above article is about which brand is good wash wardrobe and how to buy washing wardrobe.

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