What Are The Tips For Squat As Bathroom Furniture?

What Are The Tips For Scouring As Bathroom Furniture?

Squats are essential in bathroom furniture, people’s financial income increases, when shopping for bathroom furniture, will choose the best bathroom furniture.

Every family can not leave squats, so-called eating and drinking Lazar, this is a major event in life, eating and drinking is essential, defecation is not without ah, although said not on the table, but it and each of us closely related.So, how do you choose a squat?

What Are The Tips For Scouring As Bathroom Furniture?

Let’s take a look at the five steps of the squat.

1, look at the whole

Well-known stores have their own characteristics, with a model room, can prove their strength of the various qualifications placed in a more obvious position.Sampleplacement is neat, beautiful, from a side reflects the importance of manufacturers to their own brand and the degree of intention.

2, touch the surface

High-grade squat surface glaze and blank body are more delicate, hand touch the surface will not have a bumpy feeling.The glaze of the medium and low-grade squat is darker, and under the light, you will find pores, and the glaze and the blanks are rough.

3, the component

High-grade squats must use high-temperature ceramics in sanitary ceramics, this ceramic burn-into temperature in more than 1200 degrees C, the material structure is all completed crystal phase transformation, the formation of the structure is extremely dense glass phase, to meet the requirements of sanitary ware full porcelain, hand has the feeling of shendian.Middle and low-grade squats are used in sanitary ceramics in the middle and low temperature ceramics, these two ceramics because of its low temperature, burning time is short, can not complete the crystal phase conversion, so can not meet the requirements of full porcelain.

4, than water absorption rate

The most obvious difference between high temperature ceramic and medium and low temperature ceramic is the water absorption rate, the absorbance rate of high temperature ceramic is less than 0.2%, the product is easy to clean will not absorb odor, will not occur glazed cracking and local leakage phenomenon.

Medium and low-temperature ceramic water absorption rate is much higher than this standard and easy to enter sewage, not easy to clean will also emit unpleasant odor, over time will also occur cracking and leakage phenomenon.

What Are The Tips For Scouring As Bathroom Furniture?

5, try to flush

For the squat, the most important function is flushing, and whether the squat pipe design is scientific and reasonable is the biggest factor affecting the flushing.
 Squat as a bathroom facilities is essential to life, in the purchase, can be selected through the above small shopping tips, so as to buy the best bathroom furniture.

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