What Are The Types Of Bathroom Furniture-glass Doors?

Bathroom is a special place, for the use of the bathroom is also more frequent. A lot of bathroom furniture needs to be purchased to get our daily washing done well. Bathing is not in the minority. A bathroom is indispensable and fitted bathroom furniture. A suitable bathroom glass door will also be installed at this time. This is also in line with our use of the bathroom.But decoration choice is also clear, bathroom glass door types?

What Are The Types Of Bathroom Furniture-glass Doors?

First, what kind of bathroom glass door

1, safety glass door this type of glass door actually includes tempered glass, bulletproof glass, wired glass and laminated glass. It has good lighting, easy to clean, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, no scattering after fragmentation, not easy to hurt people.And there is a certain anti-grab, anti-theft, fire protection effect.

2, coated glass door, for this glass door, the coated glass has a line of sight of the one-way penetration function (only from the coating side to the uncoated side to observe the line of sight), at the same time, the indoor space and can expand the field of view, and insulation and sound insulation effect is good.It can be used for building foyers, pillars, hallways, etc. walls, but also for hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office buildings.

3, energy-saving glass door, glass on the application of special technology and coloring, effective absorption of solar radiation heat, to achieve energy-saving effect, the second is to absorb ultraviolet and visible light, to prevent ultraviolet impact indoor, softening light.

Second, bathroom glass door how to choose

1, the best bathroom furniture in the selection of time can view the certificate. See if bathroom furniture is good. Products produced in ordinary manufacturers are quality certificates. Check that the certificate is complete and reliable.If the certificate is true, then the quality of this product will not be bad.

2, bathroom glass door this kind of bathroom facilities, in the purchase of it is mainly to look at the glass, see if the glass is transparent, there are bubbles. The most direct observation is that defects in glass materials or process defects can lead to defects such as noise and bubbles in glass and reduce the hardness and strength of glass. Take a look at the original glass certified by the 3c logo. Shower room products without this logo cannot be sold.According to national standards, the safe crushing of tempered glass should reach 40 or more per 50 x 50mm.

3, still to be considered aluminum. The aluminum frame of the bathroom partition glass door usually requires the weight of the support glass and must be safe. If the hardness and thickness is not enough, the bathroom glass door has a very short service life, so be sure to pay attention to the thickness of aluminum when buying. Qualified bathroom door aluminum alloy thickness of more than 1.2mm, aluminum alloy hardness can be tested by hand pressure aluminum frame, aluminum alloy hardness in more than 13 degrees, adult manual difficult to deform.The surface of the special part is very dark.

4. Everyone uses pulleys every day. Look at the sheave material and the seal of the wheel seat. Protect our use. The pulley spacing should be made of pressure-resistant and heavy materials, such as 304 stainless steel and high-end synthetic materials. Wheel seat seal is good, water vapor is not easy to enter the wheel, to ensure the smoothness of the wheel. Look at the combination of the sheave and the aluminum track.It is not easy to fall off when hit by external forces to avoid safety accidents.

5, then buy the frame, if the choice of bathroom glass door is aluminum frame type, then pay attention to the thickness and hardness of aluminum is the weight of the support glass door. It can be detected by hand pressure.If the hand pressure is not deformed, it is a qualified aluminum material.

Bathroom glass doors are also the need to choose high-quality products, choose the best bathroom furniture to meet the needs of our use.
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